Sunday, July 19, 2015

Top of the World HIghway and Chicken, Alaska

We have heard about the Top of the World Hiway and about how bad the condition of the road is.  It is a gravel road for the most part, but not as bad as we expected it to be.  In fact once you pass through the border crossing you have a piece of very nicely paved hiway.
 Things you learn on the road that you never knew:  Alaska has it's own time zone.  The next step over is the International Date Line.
 Jay kept saying that he now knows where Montana gets its puffy clouds.  They float over from Alaska.  They are just beautiful.  The guys are kinda cute too.
 It truly feels like you are on top of the world and can see forever.
 Of course you have to stop in Chicken, Alaska which looks like three different establishments.
 We went to the funkiest looking one first.
 How appropriate.
 They have these "stick your head here" pieces of artwork all over Alaska, so you've just gotta do it.
 Woodstock, Palmstock, Chickenstock, of course.

 This is the place from Top of the World to here that you see people looking for gold everywhere.

 And off we go again!

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