Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Up the coast to see the Goonies house and make a stop before Canada

We had explicit instructions from our son to go see the Goonies house if we went through Astoria.  So we made a point of going there.  Astoria is a really pretty town mostly situated on the hillside.  The Goonies house is in a neighborhood with instructions on where to park, down the street by the school, and what side of the street to walk on.  Some of the neighbors have embraced the attention and others, obviously do not.
 The Goonies house. 
 Someone lives in there.  They seem pretty okay with people taking pictures of their house and they have a tip jar on the fence.
 The view from the house.
 The sign under the stop sign tells you not to stop or walk on that side of the street.  Apparently they are not okay with the Goonies fame. 

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