Friday, June 28, 2013

Florence Oregon

I have been trying to post pictures to this blog from my ipad and I have discovered an app, so I am going to try it here.  We spent our second night in a state park near Fort Bragg.  It was really pretty and full of kids and tents.  I was really surprised that there were more tents than anything else.  You could tell who the locals were because they had 10 blue tarps strung up over their entire campsites.  There is a reason everything is so green.  It's called rain!  We followed hwy. 1 up to Legget.  Found a few places that we want to come back to and stay for 3 or 4 days.  You would have to stay that long because the road is so slow and twisty.  I enjoyed it more than Jay because he was driving.  Just when he thought we were on our way I told Jay that I wanted to drive through the Ave. of the Giants, yet another slow, winding road.  It was really pretty there and he was in such a better mood after we ate lunch.  He hasn't been eating as much as usual.  Kinda scary.  We spent the night at the Elks'Lodge in Brookings, OR.  So far all of the Elks' Lodges have been really nice and cheap!  We continued up the coast and stopped at the Crazy Norwegian to have chowder and fish and chips.  I finally replaced my coffee cup that I bought here a few years back.  Last night we again stayed at the Elks in FlorenceOR. They have a really nice park outside of town.  Today we are going to go up to Cloverdale and meet up with a friend of mine from college, Katy Muldoon.  They have a beach house there, so we will take up a bit of driveway space.  We need to find an RV repair guy.  Our water heater is sounding like a shotgun when it ignites.  Obviously a gas and lighter mistiming.  Too much gas and a late ignition.  Going to try to get some pictures on this thing (again) someday it will happen.  I  hope.  Oh, thanks Pam for taking care of my fridge and goodies.  OMG it worked.  There is Jay setting up camp in the rain.  Then a picture of Arcata Square.  Where I went to college.  Saw two dread-headeds walking a yak down the street and didn't have my camera.  Not much has changed there since 1976!  Just the kids or grandkids of the orginals.  The next two are of our drive from Fort Bragg to Brookings.  Now that I can get pictures posted . . . you will see too many I'm sure. 

Monday, June 24, 2013


I know there is a song about this place, I just can't think of it at the moment.  We left home early this morning.  The sun hadn't even decided to show his face.  Because of this, I forgot to put some perishables into the trash from my fridge.  So if any of you are by the house before Thursday, could you throw it away for me?  We are staying at the Elks lodge in Woodbridge near Lodi.  The lodge here is the old country club building which overlooks a wonderful golf course.  The country club built a new building and the Elks took this one over. We went out and hunted down the visitor's center.  It's not where the gps says it is, but we found it.  This little town is very cute and I think it has moved to a destination to explore for a few days on another trip.  I have been racking my brain, trying to figure out how to post pictures I took on my ipad onto this blog.  So if anyone knows how to do it, please send me a note.  We will be leaving tomorrow for Fort Bragg.  It is raining at the moment and I am loving life!~

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Summer Vacation has started!

Well, school is finally out and we are planning our summer trip.  We are busy packing up the camper and figuring out exactly what we need because the camper has about 90% less room than the 5th wheel.  Not too many treasures for Mr. Lockwood to put in there.  We did, however, buy him a bike at Target for $99, so now we can tour the surrounding areas without taking the camper off.  I was given an ipad from school and told to take it home over the summer and play with it, so hopefully, I will learn how to take and post pictures with it.