Wednesday, July 1, 2015

British Columbia and into the Yukon Territory . . .

It took a long, long time to get through British Columbia.  We camped in four different campgrounds. Along the way we stopped and took the tram at Hell's Gate.
I don't think we want to raft down this one.  
They made a fish ladder so the salmon can get past this area.

Our first night we camped along side a river, don't ask me the name . . .  it is situated between two railways on either side of the river and camp.  It didn't bother me, but I think it kept a few of our fellow travelers awake.
 Jim bought solar panels just before we left.  He was having some wiring problems and then the sun kept moving on him.  He finally got it all figured out, a fuse.
The second night we stayed by a lake.  I would tell you the name, but I can't read my bumpy handwriting in my journal and I'm too lazy to go look it up.  But the showers were free because the federal government is planning to update them so they aren't fixing the coin machines.
There is a lot of timber being harvested in this part of the country.
 The third night we stayed in an overnight only campground called Seeley Lake.  I liked that because when I was little we went to a lake for a few summers called Seeley Lake.
 There was fungus among us.
Love the hillbilly pontoon.  These guys have a cabin on the other side of the lake and were moving furniture.  I think Jay wanted to go with them.
The lake was absolutely still in the morning.

We were on the hunt for the elusive moose.

This little guy was so tired!

We took a side trip to Hyder, Alaska

Unloaded the trailers in Stewart, BC, Canada and piled into Buddy's truck.

This is one of the places the bears come to eat salmon.  We were a little early.

It's a pretty long boardwalk.

I'm sure this is what Glacier Park used to look like.

Judy was fixing the timer on her camera to take a group picture.

The lake looked so nice we blew up the kayak.

Buddy and Judy even took it out for a spin.

This was at Kinaski Prov. Campground

Out of British Columbia into the Yukon

Signpost forest in Watson Lake, YK

The desert rats were so excited to get some rain.

Brady wasn't so sure about it though.

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  1. Ray said it best. We are trying not to be jealous. Everything is so pretty!! Have a great time.