Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Color Run

I almost forgot.  For my birthday I wanted to do a 5K.  They had a local Color Run and my family and friends joined me.  We made bought shirts and spent an evening blinging them out.  I have been training with NHS C25K podcast off and on since Thanksgiving and would have probably run a bit more except there were a reported 4,000 people there and I was coming down with some crud that I am still fighting.  But we had a blast.
Our beautiful, bedazzled shirts.

The crew colored up. Me, Margie, Dani, Jay, Pam, Jill and Papa Jay.

My precious babies,

my dear good sport husband,

and my partners in crime.

Beach, Old Friends and Cooking Classes

We spent the new year at Jalama Beach again and this time invited a friend I used to work with years ago at Bank of America.  I got in touch with her again through Facebook. We had a blast.  She is 72, but you would never, ever know it.  Just the same old Annie from before.  I guess we are older too, but when you don't see someone for a while they don't get older in your mind.  She certainly doesn't look or act what I think 72 is!
We took our dog and one of our granddogs with us.  Tim and Patty had their two dogs also.  The two younger ones and the little one (14 yrs.) had a blast running on the beach.

Later on in the month we had our cooking class in Santa Ana.  We had to reschedule because of everyone's busy life, but finally we made it.  It is called "Ragin' Cajun" through  It was so much fun!  We  made gumbo, shrimp ettoufee (sp), collard green salad and Bananas Foster.  I would definitely do that again.

Our daughter got a job in Charleston, South Carolina.  Dear old dad drove her out there last week and they had quite the adventure and are still alive and talking to each other!

I am still counting the days until retirement and looking forward to our Alaska trip.