Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Katy and Steve, Neskowin, OR

If we go up the Oregon Coast, we always try to see if my college chum, Katy, is around to visit.  Fortunately for us Katy and her husband were around.  They have a really nice place on the coast that Steve has completely gutted and redone. Katy decorated the entire place from the local thrift shop. This time around there was a two story garage in our parking spot!  We hung out with them and their new puppy, Jake,  for a couple of days before we started heading up the coast again.
 Miss Katy who never changes or ages!
 Steve trying to make rhubarb upside down cake.  He says Katy gave him the wrong recipe.
 A view out of the dining area overlooking the ocean.
 Sunset from the porch.
 Walking the dogs on the beach below her house.
 Low tide.  There is a river that people were fishing for salmon nearby.
The trail up the cliff, back to her place.
 Before we left, they took us to a few of their favorite watering holes in the nearby villages.  Tom, their neighbor was our driver for the day.
The last one for the day.

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