Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Dawson City and crossing the Yukon

We spent the night in Dawson City RV park and caught up with our laundry etc.

Brady taking in the view.
 The caravan.
Of course you have to have a gigantic cinnamon roll at least once on this trip.
The columbines were in bloom.  I've only seen them in cooler climates.  I remember my gramma having them in her flower garden in the front of her house.  Love them
Love the sign on this store, all kinds of stuff.

This was once a brothel.  They boys tried to go in, but it was closed for the day.
This is the Keno. It used to ply the Yukon.

Wildflowers and bumblebees.

I love how they spell "er" sounds as "re"
(teacher geek moment)
There are boardwalks around most of the town,
Squash growing in an old, iron bench,

This is one of the old, well-kept cabins.  Our new summer home,.
Float planes landing on the Yukon River.
You had to line up to get ferried to the other side of the Yukon River.  We waited for almost two hours and that was when the line was short.

 Getting ready to load onto the ferry, yikes!
Off we go . . .
and then we have to get off.
Buddy and Judy documenting a successful landing, phew!

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