Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Alaska Trip Day 5 and 6 Cape Blanco State Park Oregon

What a beautiful state park.  $22 a night, first come, first served with water and electric.  The restrooms are located in the center, so you don't have to worry about camping next to them.  Almost all of them have trees that give you a lot of privacy.  I read about this state park on a blog I follow called Wheeling It. So glad we decided to take the ~5 mile detour to check it out.

The sites were really nice and large and right behind our site was the trail to the beach and to the lighthouse.Oregon has about a bizillion lighthouses along the coast.

Off in the distance is a lighthouse.  Didn't want to hike out to it.  It was too windy and cold, sissy me.
Taking the dog to a vet tomorrow for a health certificate.  The "Milepost" says the certificate is good for 30 days, but the vet says only 10 days.  Kinda scared to see how much this is going to cost.  Then on to Neskowin, OR to visit one of my college buddies from Humboldt State!  Go Humboldt Hunnies.  So glad Birkenstocks have come back in style.  My 7th graders used to give me a hard time about wearing my Jesus shoes.  lol

Tonight we are staying at an RV park in Waldport called McKinnley, which is right on the water.  It is all set up for crabbing, which they say is really good at the moment, but it is crazy windy outside, so we are inside looking out.  Love my camper.

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