Monday, July 1, 2013

Neskowin, Oregon

Saturday we left Florence and traveled up the coast to see my college buddy, Katy, and met her husband Steve.  They bought a fixer-upper on the Oregon coast and Steve has been working on it for the last 14 months.  Wow what a wonderful job he did.  We got into the town of Neskowin around noon and took a stroll on the local beach.  They were having a minus tide which uncovers a petrified forest in the bay.  I didn't have my ipad, but I think I have some pictures on my camera.  I have pictures all over the place: phone, ipad, camera, mind's eye . . . .  It was pretty spectacular to see.  We then went up the beach house and spent the day. You know you have good friends when you haven't seen someone for 35 years and feel very comfortable with them.  Katy and Steve are wonderful hosts.

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