Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Roaming all over Montana

When we left Spokane, we stayed the night at my brother's in Kalispell.  Then we went on to Brady to Dad's.  He had a doctor's appt. in Kalispell, so off  we went back over the mountains to the west.  Dad is doing well.  We took my brother's patio boat out on Flathead lake for a spin and took out our new pontoon rafts.  I have never oared anything before in my life and went in circles.  Think I have one arm stronger than the other.  Tuesday we went east back over the mountains with the pontoon boats in tow only to find out that the river is too low to float.  Saturday is Brady Biker Days and an auction of an old museum/treasure chest of goodies, so it should be fun.  Jay helped put a new door on the church.  He should be in good graces for a little while.
Boardwalk at Fort Bragg, CA campground

Glass Beach in Fort Bragg

The drive thru tree in Legget, CA.  We followed this cool car in.  Our truck and camper were a bit too big.

Starfish at low tide in Oregon.

This is the trail to the beach at Katy and Steve's beach house.  Whenever anyone finds a float on the beach, they hang it here.

Jay on our new pontoon.

Relaxing on Mike's patio boat.

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  1. Wow... looks like so much fun! Say "Hi" to your Dad for us and enjoy the Bikers Day at Dusty's