Monday, July 22, 2013

Mariahs River Float and Fort Benton

We took our new pontoons down to the Mariahs River just south of Shelby.  The put in is on the golf course with about a 12 foot drop.  I went down first and Jay followed.  Mind you I have only rowed once before in my life, so when I hit the current, I was spinning and laughing.  The float took a couple of hours.  It was really nice, slow and shallow.  When we went under the interstate bridge, Jay was trying to take pictures of the swallows and their nest.  They gave him a calling card and fortunately he had his hat on!
A 12 ft. or so drop to the water.

Where's my corona?

Now I am rowing for the second time in my life.

This is where the swallows left their calling cards on Jay's head.

Done for the day.

The view from the takeout point.
Yesterday we went to Fort Benton.  Dad thought I had been there before, but I surely don't remember.  We took the shortcut on a bunch of gravel roads.  It sure is a good thing they have finally put road signs out there and Dad has a good map, or else we would have been lost for sure.
There were herds of Antelope all over the place.  We had to be very observant or else we would have had a new hood ornament.

This is a field of canola.  Miles and miles of beautiful bright yellow.

This is the country school out east of Brady, grades 1-8.

This sign is  posted at a main gravel intersection.  It lets you know how far and what direction the nearby farms and towns are from there.

Another view of Knees School with their slide, teeter-totter and merry-go-round.  There is nothing around but farmland and prairie.

Oh so easy to get lost out here!

Someone must have bought this old barn and are in the process of moving it.  Notice the new tin roof.

When we got to Fort Benton, we went to the interpretive center.  They have 5 museums in the town, a really nice path that you can walk along the Missouri River with historical markers along the way (my kids will appreciate that) and beautiful statues that commemorate people of significance.
Loved the set-up in the back of this truck!


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  1. Thanks for all the beautiful guys are keeping really busy! We hope to get back there again, would love to see Glacier Park.