Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Glacier Park Hike

There is a group of ladies that go hiking every Tues. here in Brady.  I've been trying to go with them for the last three years, but something has  always come up.  I got to go this year!  We drove out to Glacier Park, about 1 1/2 hours from here.  These ladies are serious hikers.  The first thing that falls out of the trunk was a handgun.  I quietly asked if it was okay to have one.  Yep, you can have one.  They had bear spray and everything you could possibly think of.  I had my camelpack, airhorn, bugspray, flashlight and lunch.  I felt pretty comfortable with them and I was silently figuring out which one I am going to hide behind should we come across a grizzly, because there was bear scat all over the place.  We hiked toward Siyeh Pass.  About two hours in, we stopped in a really pretty alpine meadow and lake and sat down for lunch.  They were discussing whether to turn back or go on to see the pass.  Alice is definitely the most adventurous one of the group.  She was all for it and onward we went.  We came upon the sign that told us how far we had to go if we went on to Going to the Sun road.  7 some odd miles.

We thought we would just go a little farther and check it out.  That type of conversation went on until we ended up going over 10 miles up and over the pass.  We hiked 4000 ft. up and down in elevation which took us about 8 hours.  We almost stopped and went back several times, but we didn't.  I'm so glad we kept on going because the other side was even prettier.  I've been to Glacier many times, but this is only the 2nd time I have stopped and hiked.  It was great!
I wanted to sing, "The hills are alive with the sound of music." 

This is the view almost at the pass.  Look, we are almost eye level with the peak across the valley.

The trail was a bit steep and shaley at times.

Poor Becky fell just before we came to this ice field, so she was a little cautious.

This is the pass at 8,200 ft.

On the other side there were tons of waterfalls and lots of beargrass (the big fluffy flowers).

This is the last waterfall at the end of the hike by the Going to the Sun Road.

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  1. Absolutely awesome and beautiful! So proud of you Pam for doing that incredible your ready for Mt. Whitney!!! Buddy & I have to add that hike to our bucket list.