Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Tuesday . . . Someday we will get back on the road

Jay and Glenn went and picked up the 5th wheel yesterday.  They fixed (hopefully) the landing gear, repacked the wheel bearings and the hot water heater.  At this rate we will have a new 5th wheel by the time we get home!  We were planning on leaving today, but Jay got food poisoning yesterday and doesn't feel too perky today, so hopefully tomorrow.  I'm full of hope.  ;)

We did a little exploring in Tomball yesterday.  A cute little town with antique stores. There was one with all kinds of goodies from old estate sales.  It was great.  We stopped by the hospital to visit with Martha, Glenn's wife.  Her mom is still there.  They had to do surgery on her arm because it wasn't healing properly.  I'm sure everyone there wants to come home.

At least the weather here has been nice and Glenn has a really nice open field to run the dog in a couple of times a day. We didn't intend to impose so much, but they are great hosts.

On the road again tomorrow, hopefully.

The field behind their house.  I love the tagging. I <3 you.

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