Thursday, February 25, 2016

And then there were three . . .

We are still at Crystal River at Rockcrusher RV.  We got up early, 6:00 (which cracks me up cuz I woke up at 5 when I was working), had our coffee and slogged off to Riverventures to see the manatees.  BUT, before we left I thought I saw something out of the corner of my eye. I thought, "Great now I'm seeing things!"  But fortunately, I saw it again.  It was Ralph, the mouse, peeking out under our bathroom door.  Great, I will never be able to "take care of business" with a stinking mouse in the restroom.  We jammed a towel under the door and MDH found an old mousetrap, but it didn't work.  After the manatee adventure, we went to the local hardware store and bought a real mousetrap.  Sorry my gentle friends, but I am a farmgirl and the mouse must go!
The manatee adventure was awesome.  When we rounded the pier where the manatee was sleeping, I just about lost it.  That thing is HUGE!  It was sleeping and yes, I did listen to the captain who said they are herbivores and they won't hurt you, but really?!  My heart finally quit pounding and I finally got up the courage to get closer and take a look.  Wow.  So now I have a sweatshirt and a couple of stuffed toys for my niece, Chloe, and little man Lockwood.
We are having fun and moving west to Mobile tomorrow.  Sorry no pics of the manatee, but we have one of Ralph.  Thank you Beverly Cleary.
Oh yeah, MDH went golfing while we were in Charleston, SC and thought the alligators on the course were planted statues, guess what, they weren't.  He just realized he needed to be careful stepping out of the cart.  Again, no pictures.  I guess we need to work on that.
Up way too early now that we are retired, but the manatee await.

Grampa bought something for Littleman Lockwood.

Our Lemonade flavored vodka is now gone.  Soo sad.

Ralph the mouse is gone too, not so sad.

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