Sunday, February 14, 2016

The day after . . .

Jay felt better Wednesday morning and we decided to take off.  His stomach was still a little queasy, but not too bad.  Houston has a lot of toll roads, they are nice, but we didn't have an EZ pass for the one we were on.  Thank goodness my niece put us on hers courtesy of the internet and I don't think we will find any surprises in the mail from the great state of Texas when we get home.  

 We stopped for lunch at Lake Charles, Louisiana and in the parking lot were some of the trailers from the parade the night before.  Mardi Gras (I hope I am spelling this close to correctly) is a big deal here in the south.  Today is Ash Wednesday, so all partying stops until Easter.
Lake Charles is a huge lake on the northern side of New Orleans.  There is a bridge that goes 26 miles (I think) across the lake to New Orleans.

This is an old sugar mill from the 1800s.  At least what is left of it.

There is a really nice pier out onto the lake and this is the walkway to it.
 We spent the night in a campground called Fontain Bleu on the north side of Lake Charles.  It is a gorgeous place.  I want to stop on the way back and spend more time here.  We met a couple from Ohio that were traveling the Gulf Coast looking for a boat.  They want to spend a few years traveling the islands now that they are retired. They are looking at a boat in Gautier, Mississippi.  That's where my mom lived.  At the moment they were heading to Galveston, Texas to see what it had to offer.
This is a sign in the dog park. The dogs didn't care, they were running in and out of the water all over the place.

Stella meets a golden-doodle at the park.  I was more nervous than she was.  ;)
 We made it to Charleston on Friday night and are staying at James Island County Park.  Luckily, I called Thursday to get reservations for the week.  The fellow I talked to said he didn't think there was anything available for the weekend, but he would check.  There were three sites available, phew!  This place is huge.  It has a dog park, climbing wall, a splash park during the summer and a huge lake in the middle of it all.  There is so much water around!  We must be desert rats for getting so excited about it.   LOL
Jill and Jeremy.  Jill ran in a fund raiser for children with brain tumors. It was cold outside and the race was to be run in your undies!

I was supposed to get down to 23 degrees last night so we put all of our insulation up in the windows and filled the propane tanks up.  We are nice and toasty in the trailer this morning.  
Happy Valentine's Day!

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