Thursday, February 18, 2016

Charleston, SC

The menu at Hometeam on Sullivan's Island where Jill works.

Our server for the morning, Jilly Bean

Happy campers

Jay flying a jet on the Yorktown
We toured the Yorktown, a battleship and a submarine that are permanently docked near Charleston.

The sub.  It was crazy cramped in it and it held 75 crew members.  They had to rotate shifts so everyone could share beds.

A view of the Ravenall Bridge from the Yorktown.

We went to Pearlz so Jay could have his very own platter of oysters.

This is our campsite at James Island County Park.  It's really nice and has a dog park, splash town, trails that go around it.  We've been to the dogpark a lot.  LOL

Jill and I got manicures while Jay went golfing.  He said there were alligators just  chillin' on the course.  He thought they were statues until he was told they were live. 
Jill and I had lunch at this cute place that was an old autoshop turned hipster place to eat, Leon's oyster and something.

Couldn't resist.  Love the sink.

Here it is Leon's poultry and oyster shop.
Stella is slowly learning dog park manners.  It kinda freaks her out when dogs say hello by sniffing her behind.

They sail remote controlled sailboats in the the lake at the campsite.

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