Friday, February 5, 2016


We've settled rather nicely into my brother's house, not sure if we will leave.  Just kidding Glenn.  Yesterday we went to the zoo and had a nice tour of downtown Houston where he used to work and where my niece works.  The freeways are all up in the air, flyovers they are called and all over the place.  I'm sure they make sense to the locals and on a map you can see the logic in them, but wow!  After the zoo, we went and had sushi, visited Martha's mom and came home and relaxed.  We are waiting to hear from the RV repair shop.  I bought a groupon coupon to visit a local distillery.  You have to make a reservation.  When I called they weren't in, so I'm waiting to hear from them too.  Hurry up and wait.  The weather is cool and very pleasant.  It was really hot when we were in San Antonio, I like the coolness.
They stamp their eggs here.  I guess so you know where they came from.
Trust me, it was good.

This little guy is from New Guinea, I think.

He's from Africa, not Texas, but has some pretty impressive horns.

The gas prices are unreal!
Martha got a margarita machine for Christmas and we had to try it out.

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