Saturday, June 13, 2015

On our way . . .

Day 1
We left home really early.  I don't think either one of us could sleep well,  just a little excited about leaving.  We still had to go up the street to leave instructions with my sister-in-law about chores for her to do.  You know: mow the lawn, clean the house, pick up our mail, pay our bills.  Well, we can always dream.  Then off we go leaving the desert and all of the  potential heat behind.  As I am writing this there are flash flood warnings at home, really!

I love driving through the wine country.  There are some amazing home/tasting rooms.
Wine must be a profitable business.
I don't remember there being so many vineyards in the central part of California.  The hills were covered with vines.

Brady is such a good little traveler. His perch is high enough to give him a bird's eye view and he is a content little guy.

We spent the first night at the Elk's in Woodbridge near Lodi. We were the little fish in the big pond. Yikes~

 Since we were in wine country, we had to go wine tasting.  The red zin was delish!
Day 2
The next day, we headed north to cooler country.  I love Northern California and the redwoods.
Last night we stayed at Klamath River RV park right on the river and we are staying at Gold Bluffs Beach for the next two nights.  Will post pictures later.
Take care

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