Saturday, August 23, 2014

Last year of work . . . 170 school daze and counting

School started two weeks ago and already co-workers are tired of my countdown.  I just don't understand ;)  I seem to have a good class this year except for those few "special ones"  that you always seem to get.  We are planning a camping trip back to Tuttle Creek with some friends and fishing up the road to Whitney Portal.  I am really excited about it since our big Oregon trip was cut short by the dermatologist, but he didn't shorten my nose!

 We cleaned out Dad's house and brought back a few things: his golf cart, the Puss and Boots cookie jar and his old grey Formica kitchen table with drop leaves.  I don't ever remember not seeing it in at anytime in my life.  It was sad, but not as sad as it could have been because we gave the house to my step-brother and I know we can go back in it anytime we go back to Brady.  Our good friend, Roger, hosted a memorial golf tournament in honor of my dad.  It is a beautiful course.  Our friends from here were on their way home from visiting family in Minnesota and golfed.  They came in 2nd and won  wonderful flashing light cowboy hats. 

 On another sad note, my self adopted mom passed away a few weeks ago and my dad's best friend is in the hospital with cancer. 

So our camping trip in a few weeks will be a wonderful escape and I only have 170 school daze left.

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