Saturday, July 5, 2014

Post Op

I went to the dermatologist thinking that I would have a battle scar on my nose and what I came home with was half of my nose missing.  The cancer was pretty wide spread and deeper than anyone thought.  They had to cut a flap from my cheek so that they could cover the hole on my nose.  Jay thought the surgeon did a really good job covering it.  He came in and saw it before they moved my skin over.  Now he tells me that it looked pretty bad and it looked really good afterwards.  It's starting to get all swollen and black and blue, but I know that will go away.  It isn't going to look pretty at all in the next few days.  At least they got it all, that is all I am concerned about at the moment. I may freak out later, but for now I am just glad it's gone.

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