Thursday, November 12, 2015

Thought I would have finished this by now . . .

We have been home, gone back up 395 to Bishop, sprained my ankle and waiting to have surgery on my other foot next week.  With all of that, I truly thought I would have finished my Alaska trip by now.  Whoops, so I am just going to put up some pics with highlights.  When we finished going to Chicken we stayed in an RV park outside of Denali.  It was raining and a muddy mess in the park, but being a Desert Rat, I loved the green and rain.
Saw "The Mountain" several times peeking in and out of the clouds

Then we went to North Pole and met up with my cousin and finally met her family for the first time ever.  Her kids are full blown adults with babies! Well, we only met one of her kids, the others were at college and at work.

When we left North Pole and Denali, (Denali was after North Pole) we headed to the Kenai Pennisula and stayed at Homer, Seward and Valdez.  I loved it there.  It is what I picture when I think of Alaska.  When we go back, we are going straight there.  We fished for halibut and salmon and caught our limit.

I caught the bass!

There is a food truck next to the brewery that delivers the oysters when you order them.  Jay was mad because he had to share with me.  The other ladies don't like oysters.

The only wildlife we kept seeing were Elks.

Transportation in McCarthy
Brady was too hot and sat down in 50 degree water!
The boys had to stop here, one of their fav shows

Combat fishing at midnight in Soldotna

We had a great time.  Came home through Montana to visit my brother, biked the Hiawatha Bike Trail, met up with the kids near Tahoe, saw our sister-in-law in Reno and eventually made it home.  It was a great retirement trip!

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