Wednesday, March 9, 2016

More pictures . . .

Apparently you can only upload so many pictures, so here are more that are relative to the prior post.  lol

I love the site BBQs here.

This is the bathhouse.  Nice and clean

This is Palmetto State park in Texas.  I really liked this park.  It only 18 spaces with water and electric.  There is another section that doesn't have that and a place to rent kayaks and paddleboats.  They also have really nice trails that have signs along the way to give info about the plants and wildlife.  We came across a snapping turtle ambling down the trail.

The next day we stayed at the Caverns of Sonorna, still in Texas.  The campground is nothing to write home about, but the caverns are awesome!

Gotta have some roadside tchotchke along the way.
Further down the road in West Texas, still, where there aren't a whole lot of campgrounds, we stayed at Balmorhea State Park.  It had cute little covers for the outdoor tables on most sites.  There is also a natural spring that goes down 25 ft. in spots.  It's really nice.  We swam, then snorkeled.  Gotta snorkel it!

This was one of the custom campers there, love it!

Of course to keep with the theme of this trip, "shit happens"  We had a blow out on one of the new tires we put on before we left.  Got it changed, went to our friends and booked it home.  

We had a road angel stop behind us to help with airwash when trucks and cars drove by.

Yep, that's a big mess of wires.

It's nice to come home and plan the next trip.  


  1. Aren't Texas State Parks great? We've not yet made it to Caverns of Sonora, but we really need to get there. And Palmetto SP looks really sweet. We've been to Balmorhea several times and always enjoy it. Need to try snorkeling there, though! So….where's the next adventure?

  2. We are planning a trip across the northern part of the US this summer. Starting at Lake Tahoe then up to Washington and across to Maine. I think we will be taking our truck camper and jeep on this trip since the 5th wheel has had some issues. Maybe we will cross paths somewhere.