Sunday, May 17, 2015

Lower Sage Flats Campground, CA Hwy. 395

 We went out on the maiden voyage this spring to see if we have everything thing we will need for the trip to Alaska. We stayed at Lower Sage Flats Campground 9 miles up the mountain from Lone Pine.
 It snowed on us and we sat outside with the dogs and a fire.

 The snow was really pretty,
 but it didn't last too long at all.

 It was opening day at Crowley Lake off of 395, just south of Mammoth.

 All we caught were some nice pictures. Jay got his feet wet when they didn't do what his brain told them to do.  lol  Didn't get a picture of his wayward feet, but we do have a picture of the campsite.
 Brady was content to sit inside where it was warm and gaze out the window.
 When we did make them go outside, we found out who the alpha dog really is, poor Stella girl.
It was fun and we realized that we need to probably go out one more time before we hit the road for the North Pole.  Didn't have some things and too much of others.  They do have stores along the way though, so I'm not too worried.  Retirement is only 13 workdays away!

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